A study on The Removal of Some Phenolic Compounds from Wastewater

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The removal by means of Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs) is an attractive option for the treatment of industrial wastewater containing phenolic compounds in an environmental . The present work would summarize some AOPs technologies focusing only on heterogeneous catalytic removal of phenol and highlighting the catalysts activity and reaction conditions. The catalysts used were H ZSM-5,H-Mordenite and Bentonite. H-ZSM-5,H-Mordenite doped with Platinum (Pt) were prepared and characterized by using X-ray diffraction analysis (XRD), thermal analysis, Scanning electron microscopy, High Resolution Transmission electron microscopy, pluse titration measurements, nitrogen adsorption desorption at -196°C. the experimental parameters affecting the removal efficiency were time, temperature, pH, initial phenol concentrations, catalyst dose and the effect of irradiating with Ultraviolet (UV –C) were studied . The optimum conditions for the removal of each catalyst were investigated .


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