Advanced Wastewater Treatment By Nanofiltration And Activated Carbon For High Quality Water Reuse

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Usually dispatched in 2 to 3 days
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Hybrid processes combining activated carbon and nanofiltration have been studied to identify the optimum solution for advanced wastewater treatment in high quality water reclamation and reuse. With a focus on the removal of bulk and trace organic compounds the investigation identified three promising process combinations, namely powdered activated carbon followed by nanofiltration (PAC/NF), granular activated carbon followed by nanofiltration (GAC/NF) and nanofiltration followed by granular activated carbon (NF/GAC). The removal potential was examined in lab and pilot scale for a range of refractory pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals typically detected in effluent in trace concentrations ranging from ng/L to μg/L. Fluorescence excitation emission spectroscopy was employed for the investigation of the fate of effluent organic matter. The optimum strategies for operation of the hybrid processes were determined in pilot scale. The experiments were conducted at the Wastewater Treatment Plant Aachen Soers providing an effluent of high quality with low dissolved organic carbon (DOC) concentrations of about 5 mg/L.


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