Desalination Plant Basis Of Design

Usually dispatched in 2 to 3 days
Usually dispatched in 2 to 3 days
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The project potable water requirements will be provided using single desalination plant with the Grand Bahama Port Authority water supply serving as the backup source. The overall desalination treatment process will consist of feedwater pumping, bag filtration, optional media filtration, the addition of a scale
inhibitor, cartridge filtration, membrane separation, forced air degasification, re-pumping, and post treatment. Provisions have been included to bypass the post treatment systems for the production of irrigation water. The post aeration re-pump station will be designed to transfer either type of water to the
appropriate storage tanks located within the project. Membrane concentrate will be disposed via an injection well to be constructed as part of this project.
The desalination process will consist of a dual treatment units or “trains” each equipped with a positive displacement axial piston first pass membrane feed pump, first pass membrane array, energy recovery system, second pass membrane feed pump, second pass membrane array, high- and low-pressure
piping and instrumentation. The second pass system is designed to treat up to 60 percent of the first pass permeate. A membrane cleaning/flush system will be provided. The membrane post treatment will be designed to receive the flow from both units and consists of a forced air degasified, repumping, recarbonation, calcium carbonate up flow contactors to boost finished water hardness and alkalinity concentrations; and three chemical feed systems for the metering of a corrosion inhibitor, dilute hydrochloric acid for pH adjustment and sodium hypochlorite for residual disinfection. The final pH and chlorine residual will be controlled and recorded by a separate system. The following sections describe the various aspects of the facility in greater detail. Process flow
schematics are presented in Appendix A.


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