Developing The Skills That Fuel High Performance

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Usually dispatched in 2 to 3 days
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This book is not intended to teach you about the processes and terms and other mechanical activities of project management. This is a book about working with and leading people who are working on projects. My core premise is that great project outcomes are in large part dependent upon the leadership skills of the project managers. As an executive, I understand that great, passionate and capable leaders that also are well trained in the science of project management are the ones that drive great results.
Alternatively, if I look hard at the many project failures that I’ve encountered in over two decades working for technology firms and now as an educator and consultant, project leadership is always an issue. If you are interested in growing your career as a project manager and perhaps
leveraging your unique insights and skills in broader and higher management roles, it is critical for you to focus on building your skills as a leader.


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