Implementing the Water–Energy–Food–Ecosystems Nexus and Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

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Usually dispatched in 2 to 3 days
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This document brings together a number of contributions, case studies, and experiences with the aim of highlighting the importance and benefits of the WEFE Nexus as an approach and methodology for development cooperation in general. It makes special reference to the main conclusions of the WEFE Nexus specific workshop held in Brussels jointly organized by JRC and INTPA and held on 25–26 January 2018. The workshop was oriented towards implementing and operationalizing the Nexus approach with the objective of improving the sustainability of the intervention projects and programmes based on the experience of the Nexus experts in a variety of projects and regions. This document should be read as a practical guide to fully understand key aspects of WEFE Nexus and is presented in non-technical language for ease of access and uptake for a wider audience.


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