Industrial Wastewater Management Problems in Borg El-Arab New Industrial City.

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Usually dispatched in 2 to 3 days
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Borg El-Arab is a new industrial city within Alexandria containing around 1200 factory distributed within four industrial zones. Since 2008, the sanitary system including the treatment plant of Borg El-Arab was handed to Alexandria Sanitary Drainage Company (ASDCO) for management. From the preliminary survey it was found that all factory’s effluents were not complying with the limits of Law 93 for year 1962 and its presidential decree 44 for year 2000. They dispose their raw wastewater directly into the sewerage system, which creates a chronic street flooding problems all over the industrial zones. As well as affecting the quality of the old treatment plant influent located at the east of the city and the newly instructed tertiary treatment plant. These factories did not construct effective industrial effluent treatment systems for their wastes, which were supposed to be constructed before getting the permission to start the industrial activity and production. Another problem was the lack of effective industrial effluent inspection, monitoring, and weakness of the legal power and action against non-complying industries. Finally, there was no technical assistance system. Alexandria Sanitary Drainage Company carried out a Management system to solve these problems through: 1) Industrial survey for technical assistance to apply pollution prevention concepts; 2) Periodical sampling and monitoring program based on severity of the industry; 3) Compliance evaluation to take step by step action for non-complying factories after re[1]assisting non-complying factories to reconcile their situation, this system applies for already existing industries. For new industries it is essential to apply an additional step which is that the Municipality should get our permission before giving license to industries to start practicing their activity.; 4) Applying a cost recovery program. According to applying these steps problems have decreased and number of complying industries has increased. Under these circumstances we would like to stress on the importance of applying On-line Monitoring systems to assure effective control of industrial effluent quality 24/7.


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