Nanotechnology in Water Treatment

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Usually dispatched in 2 to 3 days
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ABSTRACT Drinking water is unfortunately becoming a rare luxury on our planet.On the other hand, with a trend of population growth, need for water which is essential to life,is becomingbigger every day.Practical application of nanotechnology in saving water worldwide is in using nanoparticles in detection of water pollution and water purification. This knowledge has importance in medicine and public health, so as in environment safety.Possible application areas of nanotechnology in field of purification and treatment of water are in filtration, catalytic and separation processes, ion exchanging, sensitive pollutant detection,etc.Nanotechnology could be the main solution in future fortreatment of surface water,groundwater, and waste water contaminated by toxic metal ions, organic and inorganic solutes, and microorganisms.


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