Hydrogen Supply for Steelmaking’s Energy Transition

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Usually dispatched in 2 to 3 days
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In the pursuit of low-carbon technologies and sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels essential to hand on to future generations a safe and livable planet, hydrogen has attracted engineering interest as a promising vector for storing and carrying clean energy that would help decarbonize society. Scientific research and technological trends indicate that heavy industries, especially steelmaking, might represent an excellent opportunity to consistently integrate the consumption of hydrogen into the manufacturing processes. This is likely to deliver substantial emissions savings as the steel industry, widely recognized to be a hard-to-abate sector, accounts for a large portion of the global pollution every year. Besides the heated debate on the technical and financial challenges related to deployment constraints and cost increases, the geopolitical risk of energy crises impacting the economic output of industries in energy-importing countries is neglected in the decision-making considerations, overlooking the critical implications of energy diversification on long-term planning.


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