Treatment Of Leather Industry Wastewater By Aerobic Biological And Fenton Oxidation Process

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Usually dispatched in 2 to 3 days
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Degradation of leather industry wastewater by sole aerobic treatment incorporating Thiobacillus ferroox-idans, Fenton’s reagents, and combined treatment was investigated in this study. The sole treatment by Fenton’s oxidation involving the introduction of 6 g FeSO4 and 266 g H2O2 in a liter of wastewater at pH of 3.5 and 30 ◦C for 30 min at batch conditions reduced COD, BOD5, sulfide, total chromium and color up to 69%, 72%, 88%, 5%, 100% and T. ferrooxidans alone showed maximum reduction to an extent of 77, 80, 85, 52, 89, respectively, in 21 d treatment at pH 2.5, FeSO4 16 g/L and temperature of 30 ◦C.


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